2014 NC Waterbird Management Committee & PartnersMeeting

March 6, 2014 10a
Hammocks Beach State Park


9:30 Refreshments

10:00 Welcome & Introductions

Research, Management, and Outreach

10:15 Mercury Trends in the Brown Pelicans of North Carolina. Kiersten Newtoff and Steve Emslie (UNC-Wilmington)

10:35 Observations of Movement Patterns of Great Egrets Tagged in 2013. John Brzorad (Lenoir-Rhyne University), Roland Kays (N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences & NCSU), and Sara Schweitzer (NCWRC)

10:55 Behavior and Energy Use of Migratory Egrets from Accelerometry Data. Roland Kays (N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences & NCSU), John Brzorad (Lenoir-Rhyne University), and Sara Schweitzer (NCWRC)

11:15 A Waterbirds Stewards Program in North Carolina – increasing involvement and support. Lindsay Addison (Audubon NC) and Sara Schweitzer (NCWRC)

11:35 The Juju of Progressive Sand Transmogrification in the Modern Age as Practiced by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Jeff Richter (USACE, Wilmington District)

11:55 Black Rail Status on the Atlantic Coast and the 2014 North Carolina Survey. Michael Wilson (College of William and Mary & Virginia Commonwealth University)

Lunch Break (bring your own lunch or dine out in nearby Swansboro)

1:20 Assessing vehicle, pedestrian, and predator management around American Oystercatcher nests at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Tracy Borneman and Ted Simons (USGS, N.C. Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, NCSU)

Surveys, Updates, and Discussion

1:40 2013 American Oystercatcher and Wilson’s Plover Breeding Distribution and Abundance Estimate

2:00 Surveys and Research focused on Piping Plovers in North Carolina

2:20 The Red Knot – a Primer and What’s Next

2:40 Unusual Winter Mortality Events in Multiple Atlantic Seabird Species

3:00 2014 Survey of Colonially-nesting Waterbirds along North Carolina’s Coast

3:15 Morehead City Harbor DMMP

3:45 Signs for posting nesting areas