AFWA Webinars: Touting Successful Collaborations

The Bird Conservation Committee of the Associate for Fish and Wildlife Agencies has been hosting a series of webinars titled: "State Fish & Wildlife Agencies and Joint Ventures: working collaboratively for better bird conservation".  These webinars (details below) highlight successful collaborations between agencies and partners.  Of particular interest was the most recent, discussing the experiences of the Arizona PIF program, called the Arizona Bird Conservation Initiative (ABCI).

The presentation suggested a potential way forward for our state, and a topic of discussion I hope to broach at the upcoming NC PIF meeting at Grandfather Mountain on Nov. 4th.

Webinar Details
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9/22: Building Geospatial Decision Support Systems for State-based Conservation:Playa Lakes Joint Venture & Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, Parks, & Tourism (

10/12: Developing a State-based Coordinated Bird Monitoring Program: Sonoran Joint Venture and Arizona Game & Fish Dept., discusses the role of Arizona Partners in Flight (ABCI - Arizona Bird Conservation Initiative) is not yet available for viewing.  I will be sure to distribute when it becomes available.

11/9: Accomplishing On-the-ground Conservation through Farm Bill programs and Conservation Delivery Networks: Lower Mississippi Valley and Intermountain West Joint Ventures with State Agency Partners.  This webinar will take place Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 12pm to 1pm EST.  Follow the link to participate.