North Carolina Conservation Registry: An Online Resource For On-The-Ground Conservation Efforts

The Conservation Registry is an online resource designed to track on-the-ground conservation projects from any organization or individual.  The intention is to encourage collaboration on projects in the same region. The NC Wildlife Resources Commission manages a portal on the Conservation Registry for any project occurring in the state (currently with over 1,200 projects!).  Posting a project is free, and takes less than 30 minutes to complete the information.  Your project will be searchable via text and displayed on a map of conservation projects in the nation, and linked to goals and strategies laid out in the NC Wildlife Action Plan.

So, if you have a project, are planning one, or want to see what kind of on-the-ground conservation is happening in North Carolina, check out the Conservation Registry for others who might be working in your geographic or subject area.

From the website:
What does the Registry do?

  • Helps organizations and landowners understand the context in which they are working.

  • Helps people determine the degree to which actions are taking place within identified priority areas.

  • Determines if projects are effectively conserving habitat for at-risk species.

  • Aids policy-makers and investors in understanding where public and private money is being spent.

  • Helps conservationists find partners, funding, and advice.

  • Helps everyone learn from the successes and challenges experienced by others doing similar projects.

  • Demonstrates that it is possible and useful to integrate information across jurisdictions and ownerships.

  • Tracks the implementation of state wildlife action plans across the country.