The Avian Knowledge Network: A Resource For Bird Data

At the recent Nov. 4th NC Partners in Flight Meeting, we discussed how to ensure the best cooperation, collaboration and coordination among bird conservation efforts.

One potential tool mentioned is the Avian Knowledge Network (AKN). The AKN provides  a common framework for storing avian survey data.  For example, eBird data records comprise a large portion of the data, although any bird survey data can be submitted using a common protocol, the Bird Monitoring Data Exchange (BMDE).  These data are (for the most part) freely accessible for others to download and use.  The AKN also provides some online analysis and visualization tools.

In addition, some regions have developed their own portal to help coordinate bird data collection and survey efforts.  The best example is the rather extensive California Avian Data Center, which provides habitat management, research tools, and citizen science resources.

If anyone is interested in discussing this technology, and how it might or might not benefit the role of NC Partners in Flight, feel free to let me know!