New "Society for Ornithology" Proposed

Read on for this recent brief interview in the online mazagine BirdWatching with Susan Haig, president-elect of the American Ornithologists Union.  She has proposed combining several of the major scientific ornithological societies into one large "Society for Ornithology", citing many benefits:
-From a practical sense, we will combine efforts on tasks that are now duplicated across every society: membership, meetings, journals, governance, etc. This will result in a more efficient, effective, and financially sound approach to ornithology.

-We will design a clean slate for governance that will help many societies get out from the yoke of by-laws, etc. made in the 1800s.

-Our new journal publication strategy (produce four journals from one editorial office, including a new journal of Avian Conservation) will result in the highest caliber ornithological journals in the world.

-The combined membership will provide for unprecedented cooperation in research, training, and conservation.

-And as the largest ornithological society in the world, we would be able to accomplish goals on an unprecedented scale.

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