New NC Audubon Important Bird Areas eBook Released

North Carolina Audubon recently released an updated electronic version of their Important Bird Areas (IBAs).  These focal areas represent essential bird habitats used during some part of the year (breeding, migration, or wintering).  A team of bird conservation experts helped devise the criteria for and conservation value of each IBA, from NC 1 (a site that holds significant numbers of state Endangered or Threatened species) to NC 4 (A site that regularly holds a significant suite of species associated with a habitat type that is representative, rare, or threatened in North Carolina).

This new release includes updated GIS files and an electronic version of the eBook, detailing each of the 98 Important Bird Areas designated throughout the state. NC Audubon will also be featuring several IBAs per year on their website, so stay tuned!

As always, NC Audubon is looking for volunteers to help monitor IBAs.  This can range from birding in certain areas to determine presence or absence of bird species, quantitative counts of birds, or assistance disseminating information to promote bird conservation.  If you are interested, check out the Adopt-an-IBA program.