New NC PIF Newsletter Options

Based on feedback from the 2011 Spring NC Partners in Flight Meeting, you now have 4 options for subscribing to NC Partners in Flight newsletters.  Each one will be distributed monthly (if there are any updates).  You may subscribe to any combination of newsletters 1-3 or subscribe to all in option #4.

  1. Recent News - recent news updates in the world of bird research (subscribe)

  2. Research & Publications - any new peer-reviewed research of interest and recent publications (subscribe)

  3. Funding & Volunteer Opportunities - announcements for volunteer needs and funding opportunities (subscribe)

  4. Newsletter - a combination of all items from newsletters 1-3 (subscribe)

By default, everyone recieving this email will be subscribed to option #4.  You can change your subscription at anytime using the links at the top of this newsletter. If you are currently not a subscriber, you may do so here.

As always, all posts will also be viewable on the NC Partners in Flight website!