New North Carolina Species Account Website!

Harry LeGrand (NC Natural Heritage Program) has compiled several species accounts and posted them at a new website - Birds of North Carolina: Their Distribution and Abundance. Currently, all non-passerine accounts have been completed; others will be added in the future.

The website offers the following description:
This website aims to provide a compendium of all of the bird species recorded (i.e., accepted to either the Official List or the Provisional List) in North Carolina, with general information about their distribution in the state – by regions or provinces; their relative abundance in each region; their periods of occurrence in the state; and information about finding each species in the state. Thus, it is partly an annotated bird checklist, giving specific locations and dates for the very rare species, and partly a “bird-finding guide”, though arranged by species, instead of by sites/birding locales. Species not on the Official List or the Provisional List are not included; thus, species considered of Unaccepted Origin (such as several waterfowl and parrot species) are not a part of this compendium.

This compendium is intended to be updated regularly, during a given year, especially in terms of updating new records for rare species, new records of less rare species but in regions of the state where few previous records exist, and perhaps record counts of a species in the state or region. However, this work is not intended to be a detailed annotated work, as names of observers are not to be included, nor are record earliest and latest dates for species to be included.

If you have any questions or wish to contribute, you can find Harry LeGrand's contact information here.