Bird-related Citizen Science from Cornell Labs

Citizen science projects can encourage appreciation of natural systems while at the same time collect monitoring data that would otherwise be intractable on a large scale.  Most are familiar with the popular citizen science programs such as NestWatch, FeederWatch, the Great Backyard Bird Count, and more recently, eBird. However, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology offers a total of 11 bird-related citizen science projects including:

  • Birds in Forested Landscapes: BFL studies the effects of human-caused changes on forest-dwelling birds throughout North America.

  • BirdSleuthAn inquiry-based citizen-science curriculum for middle school kids.

  • CamClickrAn online photo-tagging project that enlists the help of citizen scientists to identify breeding behaviors captured from our NestCams.

  • Celebrate Urban Birds!Promotes conservation in cities through gardening, the arts and observing birds.

  • eBird: A real-time, online checklist program. We count birds!

  • Great Backyard Bird Count: Help create a continent-wide snapshot of winter bird populations.

  • NestCams: A suite of online webcams that use real-time Internet technology to observe and interpret the nesting behaviors of birds and promote understanding of their breeding biology.

  • NestWatch: Teaches people how to effectively monitor nests & collect breeding data to track the reproductive success of all North American breeding birds.

  • PigeonWatch: Help scientists better understand why pigeons exist in so many different colors. You'll learn to identify seven pigeon color morphs and become familiar with courtship behaviors. It's easy and fun.

  • Priority Migrant ebird: Collect non-breeding distribution and abundance data for five migratory birds of conservation concern.

  • Project FeederWatchEmbrace the winter. Count feeder birds for science!