Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

Jeff Hostetler from the Smithsonian Institute is conducting a survey of opinion on vulnerability of forest-breeding migrant songbirds.  Read on if you'd like to participate!
Scott Sillett and I are working on a climate change vulnerability assessment for forest-breeding migrant songbirds of southeastern and mid-Atlantic United States. We are soliciting opinions from bird experts on habitat associations and potential climate sensitivities for a subset of these species. We would greatly appreciate it if you could complete our questionnaire form for the species with which you are familiar. Each species' questionnaire takes less than 5 minute. You can access it here:

If you choose to do more than one species, you do not have to finish the survey in one sitting.  If you go back to the survey from the same computer and browser it should allow you to continue the survey.  If you click on the link from another computer, you'll have to fill in your personal information again.

Thanks very much for your time and assistance. Please contact me if you have any questions, and feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested in participating.

Jeff Hostetler | Postdoctoral Fellow
Migratory Bird Center
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
National Zoological Park
Washington, DC