The Migratory Bird Treaty Act: Reshaping a Powerful Conservation Tool - Meeting Oct. 20-22

The Lewis & Clark Law school is hosting a conference to talk about how to make the Migratory Bird Treaty Act more effective.  It takes place in Portland, OR on Oct. 20-22.  The announcement offers the following description:
Join us as national and international experts from government, industry and environmental groups discuss the MBTA and whether there are ways to make it more effective. Before the conference begins, an optional Thursday morning field study and an afternoon session on the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act will help participants frame some of the issues facing birds. The Friday and Saturday sessions will focus in on the MBTA, how it works and how it might be made more effective. Saturday will include a roundtable discussion by all participants on their thoughts about the future of migratory bird protection and the MBTA. Although there will be discussion of the laws protecting birds, the conference is designed for a general audience; all who are interested are welcome to attend.

Check out the Conference Details for more information.