New Changes to the American Ornithological Union

Recent article by the National Wildlife Refuge Association discussing upcoming changes to the American Ornithological Union:

At the July meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union, a grand reorganization was unanimously approved which would retire the AOU in name and combine the organization with a number of other pre-eminent ornithological groups.

A new professional ornithological organization, tentatively called the Society for Ornithology would supposedly have a more hemispheric scope and also take a larger role promoting research in bird conservation and management across the Americas.

THE AUK, bimonthly journal of the AOU, would be replaced by four new journals, housed at a single editorial office and appearing online monthly and in a hard-copy form quarterly. The door is now open for other societies to pursue this proposed merger. A draft business plan is being developed for presentation to the AOU Council and other potential partner groups by February 2012.

More details can be found here: