Resource for Conservationists: The Analysis of Data website

A new website,, is being developed to provide resources for organizing and analyzing data. Two volumes are currently available, one on probability and one on the essentials of computing (more to be added in the future).  The author is Guy Lebanon, an Associate Professor of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology and visiting scientist at Google.  The website is a work-in-progress, but plans are in the works to cover a wide variety of topics. From the website:

  • The project features comprehensive coverage of all relevant disciplines including probability, statistics, computing, and machine learning.

  • The content is almost self-contained and includes mathematical prerequisites and basic computing concepts.

  • The R programming language is used to demonstrate the contents. Full code is available, facilitating reproducibility of experiments and letting readers experiment with variations of the code.

  • The presentation is mathematically rigorous, and includes derivations and proofs in most cases.

  • HTML versions are freely available on the website Hardcopies are available at affordable prices.