Climate Solutions University

If you're interested in promoting stewardship of forest resources at a community level, check out the Climate Solutions University;  a curriculum designed to encourage local stewardship of natural resources.  Here's a short description:
“Local communities are on the front line making key land use decisions in regards to climate change. With this in mind, the Model Forest Policy Program is now accepting applications for the 2012 Climate Solutions University: Forest and Water Strategies. This program offers rural U.S. communities the opportunity to be part of climate adaptation solutions urgently needed across the country. Climate Solutions University (CSU) provides training, expertise, and support to communities engaged in climate adaptation planning. CSU strengthens local leadership and public engagement and promotes the following outcomes: protection of forests, streams, human and ecological health, preservation of natural resource based economies, and builds broad public support.

Six communities will be provided with a $10,000 scholarship, with the expectation that each community will provide an in-kind match.”