Thank You For Making 2012 SEPIF A Success!

I hope that everyone who attended enjoyed the 2012 Southeast Partners in Flight Meeting. There was enlightenment, elucidation, and revelry; woodcocks and wooden toes; good views and bad lighting; good conversations and connections.

If you were unable to attend, presentations will be posted soon on the Southeast Partners in Flight website.  Also, for those sessions that could be recorded, we will post links to webinar recordings.

In the meantime, thank you to all who helped organize and run this years’ meeting.  Through efforts great and small, we put on a good meeting, and it could not have been done without all of your help. Credit to these folks for making it a success, I take blame for the glitches and problems!

John Gerwin, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
John Connors, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Chris Moorman, NC State University
Cathy Rideout, US Fish & Wildlife Service
John Ann Shearer, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Kelly Douglass, NC Wildlife Resources Commission
Chris McGrath, NC Wildlife Resources Commission
Martha Homovec, NC Wildlife Resources Commission
Troy Wilson, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Susan Campbell, Weymouth Woods State Park
Sergio Harding, Virginia Division of Game and Inland Fisheries
Rua Mordecai, Southeast Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative
Carla Davis, Friends of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences
David Cobb, NC Wildlife Resources Commission
Shauna Glover, NC Wildlife Resources Commission
Brian O’Shea, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Charles Yelton, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Bob Cooper, University of Georgia
Curtis Smalling, NC Audubon
Heather Starck, NC Audubon
James Rotenberg, U of NC, Wilmington
Jimmy Dodson, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
David Allen, NC Wildlife Resources Commission
Gordon Warburton, NC Wildlife Resources Commission
Kendrick Weeks, NC Wildlife Resources Commission
Elena Sachs, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Shawchyi Vorisek, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
Nathan Klaus, Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Leah Fuller, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Ed and Janice Swab

Also, thank you to the organizations that contributed:

SE section of the Wildlife Society
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
NC Wildlife Resources Commission
US Fish & Wildlife Service
NC State University