US Nightjar Surveys in North Carolina

Each year, volunteers venture out into the night listening for the haunting calls of nightjars as part of a national monitoring network (chuck-will's-widows, whip-poor-wills, and common nighthawks in North Carolina). These priority species are highly secretive and difficult to monitor effectively on a small scale.  Therefore, volunteer surveys are crucial to monitoring the health of nightjar populations.

Each survey takes about 2 hours total, listening for 6 minutes at 10 stops and can only be performed during specific time periods in May and June. More information about protocols and vacant routes are available on the US Nightjar Survey Network website (updates for 2012 are not posted yet).

While routes have been established in the NC mountains for several years, we would like to expand our effort to the Piedmont and Coastal Plain.  We are not assigning routes yet, but if you are interested in receiving updates about these surveys, please sign up for our NC Nightjar Survey Newsletter! Feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested.