Citizen Science: eBird Data Used to Map Bird Distributions

Many are familiar with eBird, a popular website designed to fulfill the dual roles of online bird log and citizen science data storage. In addition to keeping all your great bird sightings organized, the data contribute to larger networks of information (including the Avian Knowledge Network), and can be used by scientists to devise conservation plans.  The folks at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology have developed a model to map the occurrence of several bird species based on citizen observations logged in eBird combined with over 60 habitat, climate, human population, and demographics variables.

Attached here you see the annual distribution of a species that breeds here in North Carolina.  Can you guess the species?

You can check out more animated distributions and more detail about the project at the eBird website. If you want to make any comments about the maps, please submit them to the eBird blog.