2013 Spring NCPIF Meeting: Mar. 12 9-4:30pm, Umstead State Park

Our next NC PIF meeting will be Tuesday, March 12th 9am-4:30pm at the Visitor Center at Umstead State Park here in Raleigh (preliminary agenda). I am still looking for presentations, so if you (or someone you know) would like to give a 20-30 min presentation on your bird-related project, please let me know!

As I mentioned in October, I'm taking a look at NCPIF and evaluating how we can be more efficient and effective at encouraging cooperation, collaboration, and coordination among bird conservation professionals. I am still contacting folks to get their input on how to improve NCPIF, so don't feel left out if I haven't talked with you yet! I want to hear from as many folks as possible. Results will be presented at the meeting, at which time we can discuss next steps. I'm really excited to re-invigorate the program, and hopeful that I can be more effective at the 3 C's!

If you plan on attending the meeting, please RSVP here so I can get a head count.