US FWS Revises Protected Migratory Bird List

On November 1, the US Fis & Wildlife Service revised the Federal Register listing Migratory Birds. From the press release:


The list is increase[d] by 19 species (23 added and 4 removed), and the total number of species protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) is now 1,026.


Changes included: 

(1) Add five species previously overlooked from a family protected under the MBTA;
(2) correct the spelling of six species on the alphabetized list;
(3) correct the spelling of three species on the taxonomic list; 
(4) add 11 species based on new distributional records documenting their natural occurrence in the United States since April 2007;
(5) add one species from a family now protected under the MBTA as a result of taxonomic changes;
(6) add six species newly recognized as a result of recent taxonomic changes;
(7) remove four species not known to occur within the boundaries of the United States or its territories as a result of recent taxonomic changes;
(8) change the common (English) names of nine species to conform with accepted use; and
(9) change the scientific names of 36 species to conform to accepted use.