New Conservation Collaboration Tool: GriffinGroups

This past year, a new tool for conservation has emerged: GriffinGroups. Headed by Ed Laurent (formerly of American Bird Conservancy, now leading Connecting Conservation), the site is designed to be a home for collaboration and coordination between and among conservation organizations and projects.

GriffinGroups works much like WikiSpaces or Wordpress, but tailored for conservation efforts. Webspace is free, and content (documents, blogs, etc.) can be either public or private (i.e., only visible to those whom you give access). 

Some Use Examples:

Public content is visible to anyone, but creating a GriffinGroups account enables participation in conservation groups (like those listed above). Registrants are encouraged to log their Core Conservation Competencies, which allows searching for other conservation professionals by skills, processes, wildlife/plant, or habitat expertise (Looking for a GIS person? They're listed here.). 

While GriffinGroups is still in it's infancy, it appears to have the potential to positively connect conservation efforts across disciplines, organizations, and species.