PIF V: Aug 25-28, Snowbird, UT

The fifth International Partners in Flight Conference will be held in Snowbird, UT Aug 25-28 this year. This is not your usual 4 days of symposia, but more of a workshop format to hammer out larger issues in bird conservation of priority.

The 5th Partners in Flight Conference brings the bird conservation community together to create a unified vision for full life cycle needs and how to address them with innovative approaches. We’ve advanced bird conservation through scientific knowledge and collaborative networks, but as a conservation community we struggle to reverse bird population declines. Our efforts will be helped by hemisphere-wide collaboration, adequate funding, and shared priorities that strategically address the drivers of population declines. We will focus the meeting on linked regions throughout the Western Hemisphere, working together in geographic-based work sessions to develop implementable projects. Our results will guide future conservation activities by conservation practitioners, educators, state and federal agencies, philanthropic organizations and researchers.

Registration is now open, so make your plans!