Sandy Mush GL AMKE Nesting Going Well

Report from Joe Tomcho:

The Sandy Mush Game Land American Kestrel Nest Box Monitoring Project is off to a good start for the 2013 nesting season .  We currently have 7 kestrel nests with the possibility of two more nests in the coming weeks.  The project has already broken last year’s record of 7 nests by 5 breeding pairs and the season is still early.  There are currently 21 kestrel nest boxes in the project area with 18 on the game lands and the remaining 3 on private lands.  Two of the current nests are on private lands.  Landowner participation in the project has been great and we hope to expand and  place more nest boxes on private lands in the project area next year.


Nest box status:

1  -1egg 4/11

4  -4egg 4/11

7  -5egg 4/14

8  -3egg 4/14

10-5egg 4/14

13-3egg 4/14

20-3egg 4/11


We have a couple interns from Haywood Community College; Alex Wilson and Shelly Read who are assisting with the majority of the observations and data collection.  They will also assist with the banding events held throughout the summer.