Job Opportunity: Latin America BirdsEye

New job opportunity on the SEPIF jobs board:

Subject: Latin American BirdsEye Job Opening -- please pass along

Job opening: Please feel free to pass this on if you know of any good candidates.  

Job Title:     BirdsEye Editor, Latin America

Location:     Remote / telecommute

Start Date:   July 1, 2013

Introduction:   It would be hard to imagine a more fun place to be than the BirdsEye team if you are a serious eBirder who is into cutting-edge birding technology!   

In addition to adding a talented present to our team, we also hope to support a truly knowledgeable birder or ornithologist.   Towards that end, we will work with you to provide a flexible schedule to accommodate your birding, research, guiding, day job and/or school.  

Job Description: 

         -- help us manage our growing library of photos, text and sounds with a focus on Latin America, including checking sound and photo identifications for accuracy; contributing photos for your area; reaching out to contributors to solicit photos for missing species; cropping, editing and uploading photos

         -- bring native, well-educated Spanish language skills to our team for writing species text and communicating with users and partners in Latin America.  Portuguese skills a big plus.  (Note: We will also consider qualified native Brazilian Portuguese speakers with strong Spanish skills for this position.)

         -- translate web pages, app text and App Store text into Spanish.  Publish these updates

         -- write/translate Spanish text for Latin American birds, receiving authorship credit

         -- maintain our list of which birds are included in Central and South American versions of our apps

         -- set up and maintain Spanish-language FaceBook page for BirdsEye and BirdLog and post daily

         -- Other related tasks as needed


         -- Excellent knowledge of birds in some or all of Latin America; capable of checking identifications of bird species in photos for accuracy

         -- knowledgable about the identification, status and distribution for many Latin American species 

         -- strong personal experience and familiarity with eBird, AverAves or one of the other Latin American eBird portals

         -- familiarity and/or ability to learn to use HTML, Joomla, FaceBook, photo editing tools, MS Excel and MS Word

         -- experience with bird photography and the basics of editing photos (cropping and adjusting photos)

         -- Native, well-educated Spanish speaker, preferably with Spanish skills that will allow the person to write species and app text that will work throughout most of Latin America.  We will also consider native Brazilian Portuguese speakers with strong Spanish skills.

         -- sufficient English skills to communicate with me and the rest of my team about tasks

         -- Full-time access to a computer with high-speed internet.  

Extra Credit:

         -- good written Portuguese

         -- top notch English language skills are NOT a requirement, although you'll need to be able to speak enough English to communicate via email and verbally with our team

         -- Expert knowledge of other groups a plus: reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, mammals or plants


         -- Free copies of all of our current apps plus advance access to all of our beta apps!

         -- Authorship credit on all of the text that you write

Other information:

         -- pay range will depend on skill level and wages for similar work (roughly $5-12 USD/ hr)

         -- we are willing to work with you on your other time commitments, such as BIRDING(!), guiding, other jobs and school

         -- 15-30 hours per week

         -- no benefits