Wood Thrush Working Group to Form

The Appalachian Mountain Joint Venture (AMJV) Science Coordinator Becky Keller is bringing together experts interested in participating in a Wood Thrush Working Group. Various agencies and individuals across the Americas have participated in Wood Thrush conservation, research, and outreach projects in the past. There is increasing interest for everyone to meet this fall to share information, identify research gaps, and begin working on a conservation plan for the species. Some exciting efforts that are currently underway include the development of a full life-cycle model of the Wood Thrush by Jeff Hostetler at the Smithsonian Institution and the placement of geolocators on Wood Thrush in both the breeding and wintering grounds to track their movements and evaluate habitat source-sink dynamics. Please contact Becky (bkeller@abcbirds.org) if you are interested in joining this group.