South Atlantic LCC Blueprint Workshops: Oct. 22 & 23

The South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative will be holding workshops at the end of October to gather more input on a South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint 1.0. You can find more information about the Blueprint here. For more information about the workshops, see below or visit

What will happen at the workshop?
You'll be working in small groups with a number of GIS building blocks (e.g., SALCC indicator models, threat layers, etc) to build potential conservation blueprints for parts of the South Atlantic. These GIS building blocks will be there to support your group's discussions and not unnecessarily limit or constrain the design you and your group come up with.

Why should I go?
To ensure your local knowledge of places, ecosystems, and conservation opportunities inform the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint. These workshops should be a great chance to work with diverse folks throughout your cooperative to chart the future of the land, freshwater, ocean, and cultural heritage we're all working to conserve.

Who should attend?

  • Land and water managers looking to see how their conservation efforts can add up to something bigger
  • Natural resource professionals looking to figure out where to get the most “bang for the buck” in the face of future changes (e.g., sea level rise, climate change, urban growth)
  • Urban planners and members of an open space committees that want to figure out how their efforts can fit into a regional open space / green infrastructure plan.
  • Cultural resource professionals looking to partner with natural resource organizations to sustain our cultural heritage and tell the story of the South Atlantic region
  • Foundations and non-profits looking to see how their conservation investments can be part of a large scale collaborative adaptation strategy for natural and cultural resources
  • Infrastructure planners looking for ways to balance green and grey infrastructure
  • Researchers and experts that want to share their knowledge of the ecosystems of the South Atlantic
  • Anyone looking to help shape the conservation future of the South Atlantic 

When are the workshops?

There will be 4 total workshops. The same activities will happen at each workshop so you don't need to attend more than one (unless you want to)

Hilton Garden Inn, Raleigh, NC

  • Workshop #1: Oct 22 (10am - 3pm)
  • Workshop #2: Oct 23 (10am - 3pm)

Coastal Georgia Center, Savannah, GA

  • Workshop #3: Nov 19 (10am - 3pm) 
  • Workshop #4: Nov 20 (10am - 3pm) 

What are the outcomes?
Draft spatially explicit blueprints that combine your local knowledge with indicator models/GIS data. After the workshops, there will be a smaller meeting of the South Atlantic Blueprint Teams (Conservation Design, Modeling, User) to integrate everything into a draft South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint 1.0.