Synthesis of Climate Model Downscaling Products for the Southeastern United States Webinar: Oct. 17 10am

The Southeast Atlantic LCC will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, Oct 17 at 10am titled "Synthesis of Climate Model Downscaling Products for the Southeastern United States". More information can be found on their website or below:

Downscaled climate model products have become an important aspect of conservation decision making and ecological modeling with regards to the impacts of climate change.  However, the large variety of downscaling techniques has resulted in a large number of products for the country.  While there are numerous products publicly available, there is little understanding of the differences between these products outside of the climate science community.  In addition, each product is created with a specific original use, resulting in differences in the data available from each product.  Both of these challenges leave questions regard which products are appropriate to use for different research applications and decisions.  The goal of this project is to compare these products to each other, and offer recommendations regarding their use to the ecology and conservation management community in the Southeast. The project focuses on six available products and compares them to each other through both the available data and the accuracy of the available data.  This presentation will discuss the important highlights from the project.


When: Thursday, October 17th @ 10am

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