New Audubon NC Initiative to Benefit Golden-Winged Warblers

Audubon's new program "Putting Working Lands to Work for Birds & People" is designed to help landowners manage for the benefit of birds thorughout the Atlantic Flyway. As part of the flyway initiative, Audubon NC is focusing on Western North Carolina - particularly those landowners who might help Golden-Winged Warberrs. From the Audubon NC website:

The program will offer training opportunities, management plans and demonstration sites in order to work with private landowners to support environmentally sound practices, especially those that benefit native birds. Landowners who have been identified will receive a letter in the mail in the coming weeks detailing how they can learn more about participating in the program, and how they can receive land management support that will create these specialized habitats. For more information about Audubon North Carolina and the working lands initiative visit our webpage.