Job Opportunity: USGS Chief of Coop Units Program

From Tom Kwak, Unit Leader, NC Cooperative Research Unit:

As you likely know, Ken Williams, our former Chief of the Cooperative Units Program in USGS, retired from that position after many years of excellent leadership (Ken's hobby position is now Executive Director of The Wildlife Society).  In the meantime, several administrative leaders in the CRU system have been serving as Acting Chief very well, including JIm Fleming and Kevin Whalen, but the post requires a permanent, full-time leader, and that position has just been advertised.  Please see the announcement below, and forward to any individuals that might be qualified and interested.  As far as I know, there is no clearly identified administrator within the Coop Units Program or USGS to advance into this position, so all applicants will receive careful consideration.  As you know, this is a critical leadership position that affects the long-term viability, scientific and societal relevance, and daily operations of every Unit, so your assistance in finding the best person for the job is appreciated.

The vacancy announcement for the position of Chief, CRU has just been posted. The announcement will be open until Feb. 19, 2014.  Please distribute this announcement to anyone you think might have interest.  

Here is the USAJobs link to the vacancy announcement open to current and former federal employees:

Here is the USAJobs link to the vacancy announcement open to the public: