Job Opportunity: Director, National Programs at BirdNote

More information on the job opening is available here. If you haven't heard about BirdNote before, they provide great bird and bird conservation information to the general public. The retiring director penned the following letter soliciting applications:

I’m writing to invite you to help BirdNote find the person to become our National Director of Programs. The position is described in the link and it will be open until March 7, 2014.  We know good candidates are “out there” and just maybe you are the one to lead us to them. Please share the link with your network as you think appropriate.  

It’s time for me to retire and I plan to do so this summer. From the moment the idea for BirdNote struck me in December 2002, to the present, the work has been rewarding and enjoyable every step of the way. Our first radio show aired in February 2005. Today, 1.3 million people hear BirdNote daily on 170 stations in 40 states. Now it’s time for me to turn over the reins.  

Even so, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Partners in Flight.  Your enthusiasm and willingness to help us identify stories has been such a benefit to both BirdNote and PIF.  Thank you!  Once our new person comes on (we expect in May), I’ll be telling him or her about our partnership.

America needs a daily opportunity to “tune in” to the natural world upon which we all depend. When it comes to creating stories about the lives and needs of birds, and to singing the praises of people who are improving conditions for birds, well, there are many many stories waiting to be told!  With people like you helping along the way, the organization is in good hands, ready to succeed in its second decade. Here we go!

Thank you and best regards!