One Week Left in the Rusty Blackbird Blitz

female rusty blackbird ©Lloyd Spitalnik

What is the Rusty Blackbird Blitz? It is a project designed to understand population dynamics of a cryptic species that winters in North Carolina. It is an effort by the Rusty Blackbird Working Group that relies on birders and birdwatchers like you! Many NC Birding Trail sites see Rusty Blackbirds, but we

need folks like you to build a larger dataset of observations for the month of March!

All you need to do to participate is to:

1. Learn how to identify Rusty Blackbirds with this handy identification guide

2. Find areas where they might congregate. Either check the detailed protocol., or check out which Birding Trail Sites can have Rusty Blackbirds and add to the map!!!

3. Visit those areas anytime during March, and record any observations (or no observations) on eBird, making sure to record your "Observation Type" as "Rusty Blackbird Spring Migration Blitz".

See this document for more detailed information. If you want more information about the project, check out the main Rusty Blackbird Blitz website.

If you are looking for more opportunities to "Birdwatch for Science", check out the new NC Birding Trail webpage of opportunities!