Presentation on Cats - Aug 28, 2:30p, Raleigh

On Thursday, August 28 at 2:30 pm in the WRC auditorium on Centennial Campus, Dr. Roland Kays (NCMNS/NCSU) will present " How big of a problem are cats for wildlife conservation in North Carolina?", results from his eMammal camera trapping project.

From the announcement:

Domestic cats are estimated to kill billions of native birds and mammals in the United States each year. Is this a problem our land managers should be concerned about? This question hinges on where exactly cats go when they hunt - are they killing common species on private land, or picking off rare species in protected areas? We have been studying this question from two angles. First, our eMammal citizen science camera trapping project has surveyed over 2000 sites across six states, including 32 protected areas, and over 50 North Carolinian back yards. Second, our new Cat Tracker project has used inexpensive GPS tracking devices to track over 50 pet cats for one week each. I will summarize results from both ongoing projects, and suggest future lines of research.