SALCC Blueprint Grant Proposals due Aug 15th

The South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative is a partnership of federal, state, and private organizations dedicated to conserving a landscape capable of sustaining the nation’s natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. The 1-3 year mission of the cooperative is to create a shared blueprint for landscape conservation actions that sustain natural and cultural resources. The South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint (Blueprint) is a spatially-explicit, living plan that describes the places and actions needed to meet the Cooperative’s shared conservation objectives in the face of future change. Version 1.0 of this Blueprint is now complete and development of version 2.0 is underway with an expected completion by June 2015.

SALCC has two specific needs for supporting future Blueprint improvements, for which they will be providing up to $300,000 total in grant funding to accomplish:

1. Improving the connection between conservation actions in the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint and South Atlantic LCC Ecosystem Indicators.

2. Improving the connection between restricted range and at-risk species conservation and the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint

Proposals are due August 15th. Visit their website for more information.