Breeding Bird Survey Needs Volunteers!

Please see this note from Ricky Davis, North Carolina's Breeding Bird Survey Coordinator:

Hi Folks!

This is my annual plea for Observers to take up one or more of the Vacant Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) routes in NC! There are 13 Vacant Routes in NC right now - would really like for many of them to be run this year and in the coming years! You can go to the BBS website to see which Routes and a general idea of where each runs.

For those who are not familiar with the BBS, each route is run once a year in the late May to late June time window. A Route is 50 stops, each .5 mile along a 24.5 mile route. Each stop is 3 minutes and all birds seen and heard are recorded. Observers must be familiar with the songs and calls of all species normally found in the Route area. Usually about 70-80 percent of the birds will detected by voice only. Thus good hearing and familiarity is a requirement. Also an Observer should be committed to doing a route for as long as possible, so as to increase confidence in statistical analysis of the data.

There are some really great routes available, as you will see, including a handful of Mountains and Coastal Plain Routes!

So if you are interested in taking on another route(s), or wanting to get involved for the first time, PLEASE let me know!

Ricky Davis (,, 252.443.0276, 252.903.8545)