A Bird's Eye View of Nature in the City: Upcoming Conservationist Lecture

An upcoming Frederick and Joan Barkalow distinguished conservationist lecture titled "A Bird's Eye View of Nature in the City: The surprising ways that our actions alter species interactions and shape ecological communities" will be presented by Amanda D. Rodewald, Garvin Professor of Ornithology and Director of Conservation Science at the Cornell Lab or Ornithology and Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University.  This lecture will be held on Thursday, September 29th from 2:30-4:30 PM at the Piedmont Ballroom, Talley Student Union.  The reception begins at 3 PM.

Among growing human populations and the expansion of urban areas, protected areas will begin to become more of a concern.  One primary target of conservation is birds, owing to both their charisma and sensitivity to environmental change.  Urban development is a key threat to birds of all ecosystem types, but little is known about the ecological process that influences bird communities in urbanizing landscapes. Dr. Rodewald will share how human inputs have fundamentally altered species interactions in ways that affect how birds use plants for nesting, changed the nature of predator-prey relationships, and resulted in ecological and evolutionary traps.

Please see the College of Natural Resources at NCSU's webpage for more details.