BOU Twitter Conference 2017

November 28-29, 2017


#BOU17TC is the first ever general ornithology Twitter conference. The event is inspired by the success of the three World Seabird Twitter Conferences (#WSTC, #WSTC2, #WSTC3) and is a cost-free way for researchers around the world to come together to share their research. 

Topics from over 70 researchers include most avian research areas that you can think of, as well as some that maybe you haven't thought of before. With keynote speakers including Pete Marra (Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center), Caren Cooper (North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences), and Virat Jolli (Biodiversity & Environmental Sustainability, India), #BOU17TC is one not to miss.

Taking part in the #BOU17TC is easy! Join from wherever you want, accessing the event on your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet via the Twitter website or Twitter app using the conference tag #BOU17TC .

For more information on the conference, please visit the program website.